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A few kind words
“I have worked with Jeremy for a number of years, and beyond being just a good developer/coder, he brings to the table a level of focus, clarity, and thoroughness that you don't often encounter. He is also incredibly collaborative and inventive in helping clients and creatives address their ideas. When faced with a problem where others might have given up, or just done the minimum, he will look for a solution and work with you do find it.

But what really sets him apart is his patience and willingness to sit and explain the technical reasons behind the decisions to someone. He is always a calm, collected and articulate voice of reason in a chaotic field.”

- Howard Rissin, Director of Client Service and Implementation at Ogilvy & Mather
“I worked with Jeremy for 3 years at Ogilvy RedWorks as a Producer managing digital campaigns that involved developing assets such as display banners (flash and html5), emails, and websites for high priority clients.

Whenever I had the opportunity to request a specific developer as my technical lead/resource, Jeremy was consistently my go-to. On a daily basis our team encountered client requests that would typically be viewed as “not technically possible” within the provided build specs. Instead of taking the easy way out, Jeremy would take a deeper dive into the request and find strategic ways to implement a solution that simultaneously met creative goals, technical guidelines, and exceeded client expectations.

In addition to his breadth of development knowledge, Jeremy is a key player in team growth. He is always ready to lend his technical guidance to fellow developers to ensure every project produces amazing results. Jeremy is truly a blessing to have on your team.”

- Amanda Brandow, Senior Interactive Producer at Hulu
“I have had the pleasure of working with Jeremy for the better part of 6 plus years at Ogilvy and Mather and I can confidently state that he would be a very valuable addition to any development team. Jeremy is very positive, motivated and talented developer that is very knowledgeable in the medium is working within.

I have witnessed first hand Jeremy’s positive and patient interactions with developers, copywriters, project managers, account supervisors and many others alike within Ogilvy in the development of animation, code and making ideas come to life. He takes the initiative to thoroughly think through the task at hand and come up with the best possible solution(s) to solve it. I sincerely hope that you give Jeremy favorable consideration with his application to your brand and or company.”

- Austin Hoyt, Senior Art Director at Ogilvy & Mather
“Jeremy was not only a great designer and programmer on the projects we worked on together, but helped co-create and develop solutions that were both dynamic and innovative.

I recommend Jeremy on digital design and user experience programming to help with marketing and advertising projects.”

- Berge Melkonian, Account Director of CV Brands at Boehringer-Ingelheim
“I have had the great fortune of working with Jeremy for many years. He is an experienced, creative and skilled developer. He has been the person I can count on to dissect and solve issues as they come up. He’s throrough and great at walking anyone through any details of his work. To that I will add his work is beautifully detailed and I have seen him create some amazing work.”

- Brandy DeRocco, Digital Production QA Supervisor & Lead Analyst at Ogilvy & Mather
“Jeremy is extremely thorough in his craft, and is always courteous and professional. The level of detail in his work is rarely seen, and he maintains this standard under tight deadlines. I would recommend him to any agency in a heartbeat. People who love their craft and also excel in it, with a positive attitude and who are reliable are hard to come by. Any employer would be lucky to have him.”

- Erik Hendin, QA Manager, Building Service at 32BJ Benefit Funds