I built all of the projects on this page using Adobe Flash. You will need a computer with a Flash enabled browser to view these samples.

These projects are from 2007 - 2016. It is a varied mix of banner ads, rich media, UX/UI, interactive design, micro-sites, websites, landing pages, mini-games, and holiday cards.

All of the animations, interactions and designs were created by me. I used a mix of hand coding, AS2, AS3, GSAP tweenlite, some timeline tweening, rotoscoping, 3D rendering, AS3 3D, Photoshop, Illustrator, Swift 3D, Poser, Flash tools, bitmaps, gradients, movieclips, vector shapes, vector masks, and a bunch of my best made tricks to keep the file sizes down while keeping the animation, interactivity and image quality to the max.

I really enjoyed building things in Flash. It was very fun!

Perrier Balloons - Banner ad

Dove Kaleidoscope - Banner ad

Aflac Jackhammer - Homepage takover

TD Ameritrade Playdoh - Banner ad

Siemens NASA Mars Rover - Banner ad

Ogilvy & Mather: Redworks - Website - 2009

FXB 6 Villages - Website

Ramapo Motorcycle Club - Website

10th and Willow Restaurant - Website

American Express Zync Card - Banner ad

Fage Yogurt Upside Down Fashion - Banner ad

Ikea: Paint Bucket - Banner ad

Zetlin Law Firm - HTML Web Design & Flash UX/UI

EuroPro Shark - Banner ad

Ninja Blender: Healthy Benefits - Banner ad

Aflac: Pool - Homepage takeover

Siemens: Northern lights Kyak - Banner ad

Country Time Lemonade: BBQ Grill - Banner ad

Qualcomm Snapdragon: OPPO-R5 phone & dragon - Banner ad

Fanta: Taste game 300x250 - Banner ad

Fanta: Taste game 160x600 - Banner ad

Fanta: Taste game 728x90 - Banner ad

CAT: Relationships - Banner ad

FMG: Tornado - Banner ad

Aflac: Paint - Banner ad

Post Honey Bunches of Oats: Sweepstakes - Banner ad

World Market Center: Furniture - Banner ad

Perrier: District Perrier - Banner ad

Ninja: Clock Energy - Banner ad

FXB - Main website

Fanta: Splash Bottle - Banner ad

Parexel - Holiday card

Willy Wonka: Golden Ticket - Banner ad

Aflac: Nascar - Homepage takover